Tim_MarchTim M.

Three Words that Best Describe Tim:  Charismatic, Creative, Dependable.

Artistry and Special Skills:  Actor, Singer, Writer, Sound Technician, Set Construction.

Tim was Born and raised in Novi, a small town in Southeast Detroit. He graduated from the University of Michigan and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

Childcare Experience:  Tim has been caring for children of all ages since he was 12. Having neighbors who had 10 children, Tim was always down at their house watching over the kids doing various activities from cleaning, to changing diapers, to cooking. Tim has also worked for a number of years at a community theater, acting as a stage manager and assistant director for the children’s shows there. He helped them learn their scripts, learn their entrances, and helped them through the performances so that they could create the character in their own way. Tim most recently served as a substitute teacher for middle school students in Speech and Drama back in Michigan.  During Tim’s high school years he was a member of Boy Scout Troop 54 in Novi where he acted as the Senior Patrol Leader, running the meetings and troop activities such as camping trips, meeting on weekends to discuss schedules, and leading the troop in many community service projects. Tim loves to use his imagination and creative skills with kids and likes to jump right in and be involved however he can. As a leader both on stage and off stage, he has learned that fun and games cannot be the only thing in a children’s life – they need structure and guidance to help them find the right path for them.  Tim is known to uphold professionalism at all times throughout his bookings and both values the amount of trust the families instill in him.  He is highly aware of the fact the child’s growth and development partnered with the families’ dynamics are sacred and Tim takes pride in maintaining a confidential environment where parent and child alike are able to express themselves openly with him.

Personal Interests:  Tim likes to assert himself into many different facets in his life aside from just the arts. He is an avid outdoors-man and loves to play frisbee in the park and go camping on the weekends with his friends. He is an experienced swimmer and love all aquatic activities such as canoeing and sailing. Tim has been a dog and cat owner and he loves to run and play with them any chance he gets. Tim also likes to continue his studying out of the classroom. He’s interested in film making and spends a lot of time writing scripts and collaborating with his friends to create movies. When he’s not running around, Tim likes to relax with television, a good book, his notepad, or video games.

Personal Quote:  “What children experience when they are young will affect how they act and react to things in their future. I love helping kids find what it is that they are interested in and encouraging them to reach for the stars! It is rewarding enough for me to be a force of happiness and good to children because then I know they have a better chance of leading a happy life and making this world a better place.”

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