What our families are saying about Artist Babysitting…

“Artist Babysitting is the best service around. All of the sitters we have had are responsible, punctual, and go the extra mile. We have found our children completely lost interest in TV and would rather build fabulous cities, make menorahs, or create cars out of paper and popsicle sticks. I always felt at ease leaving the kids at home with the sitter knowing that they would be receiving the same or better care than I provide.” Rachel

“Artist Babysitting has worked wonderfully for us. They have always been able to find someone to sit for us, sometimes on very short notice, and both we and our two boys have really enjoyed the sitters they’ve sent us, who have been both reliable and fun. We would definitely recommend this agency for busy parents.”  Tamsin

“We have had a wonderful experience with Artist Babysitting and this program seems quite exceptional. Thank you!” Neal

“I have to tell you I went to my postpartum yoga class on Friday and one of the fellow moms came up to me and told me that she had seen (my daughter) with Lisa at the park. She said before she recognized (my daughter) she thought Lisa was her mom because she was so attentive, interactive and affectionate with her. I was not surprised to hear this but I was thrilled and of course I told her all about Artist Babysitting!” Carolyn

“Please know how much Richard and I value your work.  We feel especially grateful to have the benefit of your services and to know that we can rely on you for such expert care and companionship for our daughter. Many thanks for everything. I keep thinking I have stumbled onto the Dream Team with you!” Elizabeth and Richard

“We have really enjoyed using Artist Babysitting. I am so happy that we found Artist Babysitting because we got some fabulous sitters and my husband and I got to have date nights again!  Our son always had a great time and I got a chance to have “me time” again.  How else can finding reliable, fantastic babysitters in NYC be so easy?  We just moved to California and wish that there was something similar here – we miss the sitters terribly.” Betsy

“My name is Denise and I am the mother of four children, two of which are under the age of 3.  I’ve been employing the Artist Babysitting Agency for two years and have been extremely pleased with the service I’ve always received.  The sitters that have come into my home have always been prompt, friendly and more than capable in all tasks involved with child care.  I have repeatedly recommended the Artist Babysitting Agency to many of my friends and always hear back glowing reports.  Shannon Darin and her entire team are to be commended for their hard work and success with the Artist Babysitting Agency.  I will be using them for years to come.” Denise

Our sitters share their secrets!

“I gently hold him and follow his breathing pattern. Then I make soothing sounds that match the rhythm of his cries. Bit by bit, I slow the tempo of my cooing, and baby slows down” Maggie shares with American Baby Magazine for their “Mommy Magic” article.




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