Suzanna C.

Three Words that Best Describe Suzanna:  Nurturing, Trustworthy, Outgoing

Artistry and Special Skills:  Singer, Actor, Tap Dancer, Songwriter, Ukulele Player!

Suzanna was singing and dancing before she could walk and talk! She started performing at the age of 6, and recently graduated from Belmont University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She also just released her first original album on iTunes!

Suzanna grew up in the mile-high city, Denver! While there is truly no place like New York City, she does love going back home so she can hike, kayak, ski, snow shoe, white-water raft, and sit outside in the mountains by the fire! Suzanna’s second home is the stage, and she has been performing her whole life. As she grew older, that love for performing developed into a love for directing, teaching, and writing. She has done all three, and has specifically worked with teaching children in the arts. She loves nurturing young performers, just as she was loved and nurtured by so many great mentors growing up. Prior to moving to New York, Suzanna spent 8 months as a singer on a cruise ship, traveling to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. She will be happy to show you pictures of her riding an elephant! She’s ecstatic to be in the city, and feels blessed to be able to pursue her dreams.

Childcare Experience:  Suzanna has over 12 years of experience caring for children. Growing up, Suzanna spent most days after school with a babysitter. She had many special babysitters from her childhood years, and knows what an important relationship and impact you can have as a care taker. As soon as she was allowed, she was out in the neighborhood babysitting on her own! She consistently babysat all through high school, worked full-time as a nanny during college summers, and began babysitting upon arrival to NY. She has had experience with all ages of children. She is used to school pick-ups, transporting kids to after school activities, playing in the park, trips out the museums, packing snacks, making meals, helping with errands/light household chores, and building awesome lego creations. As a child, Suzanna could spend hours playing pretend, so that imaginative, non-technology playtime is what Suzanna wants to foster with the children she cares for.

Personal Interests:  Musical Theatre, Jam Sessions, Improv, Skiing, Antique Shopping, Decorating, Thrifting, Reading, Puzzles, Family Dinners, Snuggling with any kind of dog, Hiking in her beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Personal Quote:  Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

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