Sofie K.

Three Words to Describe Sofie:  Grounded, Charismatic, Comical

Artistry and Special Skills:  Actor, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Comedian

Sofie grew up in the small town of Andover, Minnesota where she dreamed of performing by the age of five. Her best performances still to date are probably belting Shania Twain’s, Man! I Feel Like A Woman, during family get togethers on the karaoke machine. Sofie always knew she was built for the big city and decided to attend college at Hofstra University where she graduated with a B.F.A in Drama with a minor in Musical Theatre in 2017. Sofie has always been up for a challenge, and strives to be well rounded in all areas of performance. Since graduating, she moved to the city and has been putting all her energy into auditioning and making the most of living in the big apple. When she’s not performing you can find Sofie binge reading a Steven King novel, eating more than enough pizza, and creating new music playlists for her best pals. She is pumped to join the Artist team and work with you!

Childcare Experience:  Sofie has always been surrounded by children even when she was one herself. Being one of the older cousins in a large family, Sofie learned a lot about taking care of kids and being a role model. She has had experience not only sitting kids but also teaching choreography and swimming lessons to children between the ages of 6-14. Since moving to NYC, Sofie has had experience picking up kids from school, taking them around the city for classes and playdates, cooking meals, helping with homework, and using her performance skills to spend quality playtime with the kids she takes care of. 

Personal Interests:  Sofie is a music fanatic and a fan of almost all genres. She probably has more music lyrics memorized than thought humanly possible. Sofie also loves pop culture and is a huge film buff. Aside from entertainment, Sofie loves the outdoors, and has had the privilege of hiking some of the best mountains in the U.S. She would also lay down her life for any dog that walks past her at any point of the day. Her golden doodle, Rudy, is the light of her life. 

Personal Quote:  “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” – Michael Scott

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