Lorraine-SLorraine S.

Three Words that Best Describe Lorraine:  Kind, Curious, Fun

Artistry and Special Skills:  Actress, Painter, Yogi, Runner

Lorraine was born in Texas and moved to a small town in Oregon when she was thirteen years old.

Childcare Experience:  In grade school and high school Lorraine loved writing plays and casting her school mates in performances.
 When Lorraine was fourteen her mother had a little girl  and because her parents both had jobs she spent a lot of time babysitting her little sister. She also babysat for many other families till she left home at nineteen. Lorraine traveled to Australia and worked as a actress and model before moving to NYC.
Lorraine graduated from NYU in Performing Arts and has worked as a actor for fifteen years. She has fully enjoyed the responsibility of babysitting children of all ages and feels blessed by the opportunity to participate in their lives.

Personal Interest:  Lorraine has a sensitive and sweet nature and loves to be around and care for both children and animals. She has two big rescue dogs that she adopted with her husband.
 She loves to cook healthy meals and do all kinds of craft work. She loves being outside, going to the park and taking long walks. She loves to read a good book and enjoys writing her thoughts down.
Lorraine has a calm nature with children and they always gravitate towards her warmth.

Personal Quote:  I believe in giving children thoughtful ways of expressing their feelings, compassion and empathy towards others, a lot of play time used in creative ways.


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