Samantha-MoralesSamantha M.

Three Words that Best Describe Sam:  Fun, Creative, Caring

Artistry and Special Skills:  Actress, Singer, Trombonist, Improviser

Sam grew up in Northeast PA (or NEPA as she calls it) and moved to NYC in 2010. She was lucky in that she had family in the city and growing up, she got the best of both worlds by splitting her time between the mountains and the city sidewalks. In the 3rd grade, Sam was in her first play, joined choir, and started playing trombone in the band. It was a big year for her and one that would shape the rest of her life. (She’s said it once before and she’ll say it again: God bless her parents. Having a 9 year old practicing trombone in the basement every day isn’t for the faint of heart.) Sam went on to graduate from the University of Scranton with a B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Art History and a concentration in both Women’s Studies & Theology. Again, God bless her parents.

Childcare Experience:  After graduation (and a national children’s tour) Sam found herself teaching music to kids (3 months-5 years) on the UES and fell in love with it. Teaching children gave Sam a newfound sense of purpose and perspective on life. Ever since then, she has never stopped working with kids whether it is rocking it out as their super fun babysitter or their super fun music, ballet, cooking, or science teacher.

Personal Interests:  Sam is an Actress. When she’s not acting, she is always up for trying something new. If weather permits, she prefers to be outside. She can kick or throw around a ball but if you ask her about the technical aspects of the game, she may go blank. She loves to read and some of her best days are when she finds herself wandering into a museum. She connects best with kids because she appreciates their honesty and they appreciate hers. Her favorite thing about working with children is how they love without limits.

Personal Quote:  “Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.” –Mr. Rogers

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