RobinPorterRobin P.

Three Words that Best Describe Robin: Smart, Bubbly, Patient.

Artistry and Special Skills: Actor, Singer, Director, Dancer, Painter, Designer

Robin was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She moved to NYC five years ago for school. She has a degree in Music and is currently working towards her Masters in Directing.

Childcare Experience: Robin has been active in childcare from a very young age but began babysitting regularly at sixteen. Robin has experience sitting for large numbers of children at once, as well as delayed-learning children. What draws Robin to the arts is the same thing that draws Robin to babysitting: an unquenchable need to engage and affect people. Robin loves to engage with children, whether through play or learning, and believes that every day should incorporate both. Learning is one of the best things that Robin brings to the table as a sitter. She is always excited and eager to teach a new song, dance, work on reading and writing or music lessons. Robin also loves to spend time in nature; there is never enough park time for this sitter. Robin has a plethora of experience with newborns, as well as children of all ages and is highly confident in her babysitting skills. She knows she will have a wonderful time engaging your children in a positive, creative, and educational way.

Personal Interests: Robin’s favorite thing in the whole world is swimming and would do it every day, if she could. She love music, especially musicals, standards and the great American songbook, if it was written before 1960, she probably knows it! Robin loves to draw, sketch and paint. She has passions for new experiences and leaning and always is looking for her next good movie, book, or hobby to conquer. She really enjoys kids who want to know everything about the world and are always asking why, just as she does.

Personal quote: “Some of the best conversations of my life have been with three year olds. If you really take the time to engage and listen, if your intent is not only to affect but to be affected, then both you and the child will always have the most rewarding experience.”


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