Raquel Q.

Three Words that Best Describe Raquel:  Energetic, Compassionate, Proactive

Artistry and Special Skills:  Acting, Writing, DIY-Crafts and Cooking

Raquel grew up in a military household, where she spent her childhood in areas such as Turkey, Germany, Hawaii and Virginia.  Upon graduating high school, Raquel moved herself to New York City to pursue an acting career, while also attending college.  She will be graduating from The New School with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies in spring 2017.  Raquel hopes to use her diverse and unique experiences she endured as a “military child” to connect with people of various backgrounds and walks of life in her professional career.

Childcare Experience:  Raquel has been working with children for the past 5 years, in environments ranging from a preschool classroom to various families’ apartments across Manhattan.  Raquel’s classroom experience utilized her creativity, as she was responsible for generating new crafts/activities for her classroom of 18 four-year olds every day.  She spent 1 year working as a part-time after school nanny for an UWS family with 3 children (ages 3, 5 & 8).  Additionally, she spent 2 years working as a part-time babysitter for a family on the UES with 1 child (age 2-4).  Throughout her childcare positions, Raquel developed strong working relationships with all of her employers, who are grateful for her dependability and attention to small details.  Due to her NYC childcare experience, Raquel feels very comfortable with school pick-up/drop of, attending after-school activities, cooking dinner, performing light-housekeeping, as well as personal/family-assistant type work.  She is an intermediate Spanish speaker, who loves to incorporate the language into everyday conversations with children, in order to broaden their vocabulary and comfort-ability with a new language. 

Personal Interests:  In her spare time, Raquel loves writing (journaling, songs, short stories, screenplays, etc), cooking (new recipes from Pinterest, as well as old family recipes), exploring NYC (she loves a good street food fair), and spending as much time as she possible enjoying the outdoors. 

Personal Quote:  “During the early years of life, a child’s imagination and creative spirit is growing and developing at a strong pace.  I utilize this time to teach the child that their ideas and thoughts are unique to everyone else, and they should channel their creative energy into something they love.  By placing importance and value on a child’s imagination and creativity, we grow a bond rooted in understanding that makes our relationship flourish in a mutually beneficial way.”

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