Noelle-PedersenNoelle P.

Three words that best describe Noelle:  Excitable, Reliable, Creative

Artistry and Special Skills:  Singer, Actress, Dancer, and Creative Hairstyling!

Noelle was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. With a population of about 700 people and the closest shopping mall being an hour away she quickly learned how to create her own fun! At 8 years old she was in her first show and continued theatre through high school stopping occasionally for sports and horseback riding. She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Musical Theatre. After graduating she worked on Disney Cruise Line portraying some of Disney’s famous princesses and even a villain!

Childcare Experience:  Noelle’s interest in childcare started when she was 13 and began volunteering at her church nursery. She instantly adored it and was always the last volunteer to leave so she could get extra time with the toddlers! Her childcare experience continued through college as she lived with a family with two children ages 4 and 6 for two summers. Not only did this experience have her babysitting often, but it also allowed for silly break time from her school work! She then worked at a musical theater camp as a counselor/teacher with age ranges from 5-18 for two years. She taught classes on acting and voice lessons as well as being the assistant choreographer. She also worked with a company that provided high quality birthday parties for children using her skills to sing, tell stories, and craft. During her time with Disney she worked with many children and families offstage, whether it was conquering their fears to meet Mickey or just talking about how Ariel is their favorite princess. Since moving to the city she has babysat for many families all over Manhattan and Queens ages ranging from 2 to 9 years old. She loves babysitting in such an eclectic city where any adventure is possible if you know where to look!

Personal Interests:  Noelle loves taking dance class! She tries to take 3 classes a week to keep her on her toes. She also loves spending her nights eating Risotto and catching a show in midtown. She has recently become quite an adventurous cook trying out recipes centered around vegetables and more vegetables which as been a huge challenge! Noelle enjoys traveling to new places and being out of her comfort zone. She uses her sewing machine at least once a month to sew up new curtains, alter a dress, or design her halloween costume!

Personal Quote:  “Teaching children in the arts has been so rewarding. It allows children to make choices that are uniquely theirs. It creates amazing opportunities to build confidence and teach them hard work. Two things I believe are essential.”

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