Molly S.

Three Words that Best Describe Molly:  Easygoing, Lighthearted, Sincere

Artistry and Special Skills:  Actress, Singer, Dessert Enthusiast

Molly was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Southern California for her college years. She graduated with a BA in Drama from the University of California, Irvine with Honors in Musical Theatre and a membership in the honor society, Phi Beta Kappa. The Fall after graduating, Molly moved to New York City, where she has been working as an actor ever since(!), most recently touring the country in a production of Clifford the Big Red Dog LIVE!

Childcare Experience:  Whether it was helping out in her mother’s kindergarten classroom, working as an aid in a neighbor’s preschool, or simply babysitting her younger siblings, cousins, and neighbors, Molly has worked with children for most of her life! Before working with Artist Babysitting, Molly worked every weekend for a children’s entertainment company, painting faces, singing songs, playing games, and performing magic shows for children, ages 1-12, across the tri state area; she tries to transfer that same silly energy into her time with Artist Babysitting as well!

Personal Interests:  During her free time, Molly loves “exploring” (i.e. stuffing her face at) the never-ending restaurants that New York City has to offer! When not snacking, she also loves touring the many parks of the city, whether it’s Central Park, The Highline, or the smaller, hidden parks within the hectic city blocks (her favorite being the small neighborhood park right around the corner from her apartment). When snow or rain leaves her trapped inside, however, Molly loves to cozy up on her couch with a cup of coffee, a new book, or a good movie.

Personal Quote:  “All of my life, I’ve been incredibly blessed to have had such an incredible, loving support system of family, friends, neighbors, and mentors. They kept my hope and imagination alive, instilling in me the belief that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to, all while keeping in mind the realistic parameters of life: If you have a dream, figure out what it will take to make it happen- and then do it! I hope to continue that tradition of tending to the imagination, hope and creativity of others, as so many have done for me.”

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