Mattie Jo C.

Three Words that Best Describe Mattie Jo:  Considerate, Ebullient, Diligent

Artistry and Special Skills:  Actress, Singer, Dancer, Cake Enthusiast

Mattie Jo was born and raised in Branson, Mo as the youngest of 4 children with two incredibly loving parents. She received a BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University.

Childcare Experience:  Mattie Jo has been working in childcare since 7th grade and for the last 3+ years has been caring for children all over NYC. She began watching two elementary aged boys in her neighborhood, then expanded to babysitting many families in her church. She worked as a full-time nanny for a family of 4 (now 6!) in the summer of 2005, which gave her confidence in caring for multiple children households. In high school, Mattie Jo volunteered with community day camp events as well as BigBrotherBigSisters. She has taken care of infants to 16 year old teens, so she is comfortable with different age groups. Currently the aunt of a 2 and 3 year old, she understands compassion and unconditional love – which can only be truly felt when you care for children. She has been able to implement her interests in cultivating creativity in kids through playing pretend, reading books, baking personalized decorative baked goods, singing songs to perform “talent shows”, and various crafts projects. She believes every child needs imaginative encouragement and that the most important element is making a child feel important and exceptional through their art and individual interests.

Personal Interests:  In addition to watching and performing theatre, Mattie Jo enjoys athletics, reading about different cultures and religions, exploring new things, traveling, connecting with people, and baking.

Personal Quote:  I had a 6th grade science teacher who always made me feel like, regardless of how ridiculous it had to sound to him at the time, everything this eccentric actress had to say was important. He encouraged me to stay true to my interests and eclectic way of thinking. And now I’m an actress in New York City! I want to extend that same love and hope to kids I encounter; I want to help make them feel needed, accepted, and encouraged.

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