Marquis J.

Three Words that Best Describe Marquis:  Joyful, Honest, and Fabulous
Artistry and Special Skills:  Singer, Dancer and Actor.
Marquis is a small town country boy, from the very historic Gettysburg, PA. Marquis has been working internationally and regionally as an actor since moving to the city. Marquis graduated from Point Park University with a B.F.A in Theatre Arts. He has been fortunate to be able to lend his talents to a handful of new musicals. The most recent: Burn All Night at American Repertory Theater.  Marquis has had the pleasure of playing one of his favorite Disney characters. Hint: this character “shines bright like a candelabra.”
Childcare Experience:  Marquis, started his childcare experience back in high school as a camp counselor for 6th grade boys, where they would come up with cool skits to perform for the whole camp. He later, went on to become a dance / musical theatre coach, doing masterclasses around the country for all ages. Here in the city, his experience involves:  School pick-up, playground time, traveling to lessons, homework help, cooking meals, baking, bedtime, and of course bath time.
Personal Interests:  Marquis loves a great walk in Central Park, listening to all types of music (we will be having music time) reading, hanging out with his close friends, drinking coffee a lot of coffee, seeing a beautiful Broadway show! Favorite thing ever, is having a great coffee date with friends!
Personal Quote:  “Acting should be bigger than life. Scripts should be bigger than life. It should all be bigger than life.” — Bette Davis


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