Maritza B.

Three Words that Best Describe Maritza:  Charismatic, Attentive, Passionate

Artistry and Special Skills:  Acting, Singing, Cooking & Baking, Storyteller

Reading Massachusetts native, Maritza has now settle in Harlem after living in the greater Boston area for 7 years. She started acting at the age of 11 and auditioned for her first show in 6th grade. Maritza participated in Chorus, Color Guard and Drama Club on and off stage in middle school and high school. She later received her BFA in Acting at Salem State University. 

Childcare Experience:  Maritza has been babysitting for about 10 years and has experience working with children with developmental disabilities including various medical needs, including babies. She love the arts and loves incorporating them into everything she does whether it be reading, using her imagination or singing. 

Personal Interests:  Maritza is an actor/singer who is pursuing her career in Theatre and Film. From growing up with a younger brother with cerebral palsy and cousin with Autism, Maritza has always had a passion for working with children with all types of abilities. While living in NYC, Maritza hopes to become certified in American Sign Language and enhance after school theatre programs on the east coast. 

Personal Quote:  One of my favorite lyrics from a musical I did based off of Alice in Wonderland is: “I’ll grow up, but won’t let go of all my childish dreams. And growing up wont have to be as scary as it seems. I can go anywhere” – Alice


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