Liz-NelsonLiz N.

Three Words that Best Describe Liz:  Creative, Constructive, Considerate

Artistry and Special Skills:  Set design, Scenic Painting, Photography, Theater Arts, Hiking, Traveling

Liz is from Maplewood, New Jersey and attended Rutgers University. She graduated with a double major in Set Design and Psychology (and almost a minor in Art History!).

Childcare Experience:  Liz has more than seven years of childcare experience with a variety of ages. She comes from several generations of teachers and loves to utilize her mother’s knowledge of children’s enrichment from her M.A. in early childhood education. As a peer counselor in high school, Liz connected with groups of elementary school children and gave them advice on matters such as socializing, growing up, and peer pressure. During her undergraduate years she loved learning about infant and child development in her psychology courses and she spent a semester working with autistic children in a Developmental Disabilities Center. After graduating, Liz spent her time freelancing in design and caring for children of several families. She loves reading and making art with children of all ages and feels comfortable balancing different age groups.

Personal Interests:  When Liz gets a break from designing, she travels and photographs as much of the world as she can. She practices yoga and is an avid hiker, often venturing to state parks with her friends. She loves the influence and humor children bring into her life and she believes in always finding new ways to engage and enlighten children. Nothing is more rewarding for her than the happy response of a child.

Personal Quote:  “As a child I was provided with rich artistic experiences and immersed in creative environments. My mentors encouraged me to be independent and express myself in any form that I could. I sincerely believe in the importance of creative discovery, especially at a young age, and how much it determines a person’s future growth.”

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