Leah Beth E.

Three Words that Best Describe Leah Beth:  Creative, Joyful, Interactive

Artistry and Special Skills:  Acting, Singing, Dancing, Guitar

Born and raised in Colleyville (suburb of Dallas) Texas, Leah Beth is extremely close with her large extended family. She is the oldest of two daughters and is very proud of her family. She attended Baylor University and received a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance in 2017. She moved to NYC after graduation to chase her dreams of storytelling and the change that Theatre can make in people‚Äôs lives. Since moving to the city, Leah Beth has been selected to be apart of the 2017 SpringBoard program with the American Theatre wing, and will attend the Tony Awards. Leah Beth is also a Director and lighting designer. She Started a successful Theatre company in Dallas and intends to bring it to NYC. Leah Beth is passionate about theatre and how it effects people around it. 

Childcare Experience:  Leah Beth has worked with children for many years. She has worked over night camps, arts and sports camps. The children in those camps range from Pre-K to high school. She has learned to Connect with, care for children of a wide range and interests. Leah Beth has been a nanny through high school and college with families up to 5 kids. She is a lifeguard and is CPR/FirstAid certified. Leah Beth has been known to play games, read, sing, play pretend, and get kids out of their shell using their imagination.

Personal Interests:  Leah Beth has many different and wide interests. She has played sports throughout her life ranging from, football, basketball, and baseball. She loves to read books from hard to grasp (War and Peace, Mere Christianity) to fun and adventurous (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings). She loves music of all kinds and Art of different verities.

Personal Quote:  “I believe The Arts can impact people. I believe it can give hope and joy in a heart that is dark. Bringing the joy, imagination and fun of theatre to kids; you learn from them. I love to see kids find something new and run with it. Art changes lives. With hope, redemption, and creativity we can see the world change for the better. Starting with the smile of a cared for, engaged and creative kid.”

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