Gabrielle J.

Three Words that Best Describe Gabrielle:  Gregarious, Passionate, Creative  

Artistry and Special Skills:  Gabrielle’s main forms of artistry are creative writing, poetry, photography, and painting. She also has experience with almost all types of art including the performance arts. 

Gabrielle was raised on the beaches of Central Florida by two creative parents.  Gabrielle is the youngest out of four children, who was always the one eager to grab the spotlight and put on a show or tell a dramatic tale. As Gabrielle got older, she stayed involved in the arts through summer camps and the Journalism and Film Academy at her high school. After completing her B.S. in Communications, Gabrielle was able to travel abroad with various non-profits, working as a writer and photographer. Now, Gabrielle is happily settled in my favorite city, New York! 

Childcare Experience:  From a young age, Gabrielle babysat within her community. During much of her non-profit work, she was able to also work with teen summer camps as well as children’s programs for children under the age of 10. It was in 2016 that she began nannying professionally. Though she has experience with many different family dynamics and age groups, most of the families she has worked with have had three children, all under the age of 6. Gabrielle enjoys working with newborns, toddlers and school age children because she enjoys getting to watch them grow, develop and explore new phases so frequently. She especially love working with newborns and has spent the past year watching a family of three that had a newborn she would spend all day, and sometimes overnights, with. 

Personal Interests:  Gabrielle’s biggest hobby is finding the best food in Brooklyn! When the weather is nice, she loves to be outside, reading, writing, drawing, or simply people watching. When the weather’s terrible, she returns to her film-school nerd status and can be found watching the latest critically acclaimed movies back to back. Gabrielle is  a major extrovert and loves going to unique classes or pop-up exhibits where she can interact and meet new people. Gabrielle has also really been getting into boxing and kickboxing. 

Personal Quote:  “It is what it is, Gabrielle.” – Gabrielle’s Father 

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