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We understand that nothing is more important to you than the welfare of your children and that you want the best for your kids. Not only can you trust us to care for them in your absence, but we will give them a fun learning experience in the creative arts while you are out. With a hectic lifestyle, it’s hard to find the right people who are available when you need them. We also know that every family is different. We know that your needs might change and flexibility will be important with your growing family. We are here to grow with you and offer you the ability to pay for what you need, when you need it! We are looking forward to meeting you, working together and connecting you with our fantastic sitters!


What sets Artist Babysitting apart from other babysitting agencies?

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS! That’s right! We believe that it starts with our personal relationships with all of you! We spend MUCH of our time making sure that we are matching the BEST sitters with our families. We do this by spending time connecting, learning, and making sure we understand the dynamic of both our sitters and our families. We make sure that not only are the requirements related to a sitters experience, responsibilities and qualifications are met, but we take a closer look at making sure that personality, connection and chemistry are also a winning match! It has been proven time and time again that when these elements come together, our sitters are supported and feel even more confident, therefore they are able to perform their job at their highest performance levels! This then results in YOU, our families, to feel confident with our agency and our sitters, knowing that their children are not only in great hands but they will also have a wonderful time while you are away!

ARTISTIC CREATIVITY! Our sitters have a unique way of connecting with children of all ages. When they care for your child they use their professional artistic talents to engage your child in a project based environment. Although our sitters will always follow the families routine and sitting expectations, they aim to use as much artistry as they can, in the time spent with your children.  Our NO TV policy supports this as it can give them time to reach an artistic goal while working with your children. Our sitter artistic emphasis can be anything from singing songs to an infant, to writing, directing and designing a play with your preteen! We educate, enlighten and encourage your children through positive & healthy creative exploration.  The possibilities are endless!

Artist Babysitting Agency offers...

Below is a quick overview about Artist Babysitting Agency, including how you can register your family and be connected to our fantastic sitters. Please be sure to take a few minutes to read through this important information. We have covered many of our families frequently asked questions and concerns and want to make sure you have as much information as possible! Within our New Family Registration, we will also provide you with more information covering different possibilities for using our service! Our goal is to make sure you are 100% confident with our agency, our sitters and our process! We are always happy to answer any additional questions, comments and or concerns!

  • Who are your sitters? All of our sitters are ARTISTS! They are Infant & Child CPR certified, childcare reference checked & NCIC background checked. All of our sitters are committed to the agency and must uphold a level “10” in responsibility and communication.
  • How can I use your service? You can use the service, one time, on a random basis, on a consistent basis, every week or even last minute! We base the ability to use Artist Babysitting with complete flexibility! During your registration, we will talk about your needs and how we can best help you! When learning about your needs, we will also help you to understand our booking fee payments and what options are best for you!
  • Can I have a consistent sitter all the time? Consistency is our goal! We do not promote or want there to ever feel like a revolving door of sitters for you. Your scheduling needs and how far in advance we learn of your booking, are large determining factors in how many sitters we will potentially introduce. You will have the possibility to meet the sitter ahead of time as well within either a free 20 minute meeting, a phone or skype call or scheduling a single booking with our 3 hour minimum. You will ALWAYS see a detailed profile about the sitter before a sitter is confirmed!
  • How do I book sitters? Booking sitters is ALWAYS done through the agency. We go through this in detail with you within our registration process making sure that we making the booking process as easy and seamless as possible. Along with being able to call or email whenever you need someone, we have booking request forms and weekly email reminders for families that need or want them! We will always send you an official confirmation for your bookings as well as place them in your on-line personal Artist Babysitting Account’s calendar section.
  • Do you have any policies that families need to be aware of before registering? Yes! We have the following, no exception, policies. Family Contract, 3 hour booking minimum, 24 hour cancellation policy, cab fare after 10pm. We go over each of these policies in detail within the New Family Registration process.
  • How do your fee’s work? We have a separation between our booking fees and our sitters hourly rates.
    • Booking Fees: The booking fee is determined on how often you are using our service. Our booking fees start at $20 per booking. We then have a few different packages to help you save money on each booking! For an on-line overview of our booking fee pricing options, click on the following link. Booking Fee Pricing OptionsWe go over these within your registration process to make sure that you do not have any questions. Any of our staff can also help you determine the best booking fee purchase based on your current booking requests. The booking fees are charged to your credit card within your personal Artist Babysitting Account. Our staff can always help with the execution to purchase the booking fees as well as help to make sure that you are purchasing the best and most economical package for your current booking needs.
    • Our Sitters’ Hourly Rate: Our sitters’ hourly rates start as low as $20 per hour which is paid to the sitter directly. The hourly rate varies depending on the sitter, the number of children they are in charge of (including play-dates) and any additional requests. You will pay the sitter directly.  The hourly rate will always be clearly stated in your confirmation.

How do I register my family with Artist Babysitting Agency?

It’s so easy! All you have to do is send an email to or feel free to call us at 646-465-2829! Once we are in contact, we will get started with your New Family Registration!

Our New Family Registration process is designed to not only make sure that each of our families have a great understanding and confidence in Artist Babysitting Agency, but to also make sure that our agency has a wonderful understanding about your family dynamic and sitting needs so that we can achieve great success!

We thrive on developing fantastic communication with each of our families. We start our journey through our family registration process where we will be able to learn valuable insight and information about your family that will result in the needed tools for us to deliver quality service and successful sitter matches.

Once you start the registration process, you will be connected to one of our fabulous Artist Babysitting Family Specialist! This specialist will see you through your entire registration process. Through a phone call session and in home site visit, our specialist will be able to answer all your questions! We will take an in-depth look into your family profile and make sure we have all of the needed information about your family to create success. We will address your family dynamic, sitter preferences, scheduling needs and so much more! We will layer your profile with all of the valuable information we have learned through your registration, resulting is greater success!

Registration Fee: $30.00. We are currently offering a SPECIAL to register! For a limited time, upon registration, you will receive 1 free booking fee! A $20 value!

Let’s Get Started! If you are ready to register, please send an email to our information department ( We will quickly set you up one of our fantastic Family Specialists who will walk through our entire registration process with you, ensuring that you receive the best service possible and are connected with sitters that will be wonderful matches for your family!

We can’t wait to have you registered with Artist Babysitting Agency! Our entire Artist Babysitting Team is looking forward to working with you and most importantly, connecting you to our fabulous sitters who will work to inspire your children with imagination and creativity!

-The Artist Babysitting Team!

What people are saying about Artist Babysitting Agency…

Kids in NYC is no easy undertaking, but knowing that I had Artist Babysitting was a huge, huge help. You guys have saved me more than you know. Your ability to send thoughtful, smart, great sitters who were professional as well made me a slightly more sane mom in this insane world! – Upper West Side mother of two

Oh wow! Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your business? You guys are lifesavers! – Brooklyn mother of two

I can’t thank you enough for this service! It has saved my my life being a mom in NYC! – Brooklyn mother of two

This is not just babysitting… it is artistic babysitting at it’s finest! /  646-465-2829

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