Elizabeth Po.

Three Words that Best Describe Elizabeth:  Resourceful, Patient, Adaptable

Artistry and Special Skills:  Singing, Acting, Dancing, Choreography, Piano, Teaching, Organizing, Cooking, Team-Building, Event Planning, Detail-Oriented

Elizabeth grew up in the farm-country of central Pennsylvania with her parents and two younger siblings.  Living in a farming region surrounded by numerous universities and colleges, she learned how to garden and hunt alongside attending and participating in numerous fine arts events. After graduating valedictorian of her high school class, Elizabeth studied across a spectrum of degrees that included theatre performance, theatre management, music, writing, and dance. Elizabeth did graduate in four years. After completing her B.A. with honors, she took two and a half years to develop her teaching and administrative skills at local schools, dance studios, and regional theaters. After marrying her husband, James, in November 2015, they and their cat, Louie, moved to New York City to pursue their theatre and film careers. Elizabeth is an actor, who often incorporates her skills in dance, music, and modeling, into her work. 

Childcare Experience:  Elizabeth has delighted in working with ages infant through high school for over fifteen years. Bringing her creative and kind personality to her work, Elizabeth’s experiences includes babysitting for large holiday parties, co-directing life skills classes for elementary, middle, and high school ages, instructing dance classes for toddlers and high schoolers, and nannying for various sized households. She also has experience with live-in and overnight childcare. One of her greatest childcare experiences has been helping to raise her little brother, Benjamin, who was born when she was thirteen. Elizabeth has been a major part of his upbringing, and it is hard for her to believe he is starting middle school this year! Elizabeth’s favorite part of childcare is learning about the children and their families and finding ways to encourage creativity and communication within each family dynamic. Because she is reliable and fosters a respectful environment for everyone involved, she still keeps in touch with many of the students and families she has interacted with.

Personal Interests:  Elizabeth enjoys creating, teaching, and learning more about the people and cultures around her. Her husband (James), cat, (Louie), and circle of friends often accompany her on her adventures. Elizabeth likes to find opportunities to spend time outdoors and has a knack for cooking and gardening.

Personal Quote:  The greatest tragedy is to look back and say “I wish I would have done that.” Ask yourself what makes you the most happy then pursue it. Find your limits. In discovering what makes you happy and your limits, you develop compassion for yourself and others and the ability to turn what you know into action. Give yourself the opportunity to discover what you are capable of.

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