Elena-TElena T.

Three Words that Best Describe Elena:  Outgoing, Inventive, Positive

Artistry and Special Skills:  Mixed Media, drawing, photographer, acting, origami maker, master fort builder

Elena lived in Arizona her whole life before embarking on the adventure that is New York City. She went to an arts high school and is currently attended college in Manhattan to receive a degree in Art Therapy.

Childcare Experiences:  Elena has been working with children and embracing their artistic talents since she was in high school. She volunteered her services to after school programs that gave children an opportunity to do something constructive and creative with their time. She assisted them in exploring their ability to articulate their feelings and emotions through art. She has been very happy to become so close and invested in the lives of the children she has babysat and hopefully feigned lasting relationships.

Personal Interests:  Elena enjoys frequenting the museums that add to vast culture and diversity of the city. Her favorites being: Seeing Monet at the MoMA, Georges-Pierre Seurat at the MET, and the giant whale hanging from the ceiling at The Natural History Museum.  Elena is fascinated with Psychology and how through the study of it, you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the people around you. She wants to explore those connections the brain makes with its highly adaptable nature and how art directly influences those interactions. She is the oldest child, so since childhood been the leader of the pack.

Personal quote:  “Growing up with two artist parents meant I was never bored. Afternoons consisted of putting together one act dance recitals and my siblings and I trying our best to figure out how to use the sewing machine so we could make costumes for our plays. We had a wall at home that always displayed our artwork and has acted as an artistic tape measure, documenting our progress throughout the years. They always tried to cultivate an environment that would lead to our success as well rounded and artistic people. That’s the balance that’s necessary.”

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