Daryl B.

Three Words that Best Describe Daryl:  Warm, Bold, Adaptable

Artistry and Special Skills:  Theatre, Spoken Word, Dance

Daryl recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama. With over seven years of experience working with children both nationally and internationally, she has developed the patience, flexibility, and collaborative skills to work with children from all walks of life. In Daryl’s most recent teaching position at Hope Academy in Pittsburgh, she developed highly effective lesson plans, motivational exercises, and performance curriculums that were both educational and fun. Daryl has received positive feedback from parents and fellow educators, including some of her students winning top ranks in the Shakespeare and August Wilson monologue competitions. Daryl’s approach demonstrates commitment to fostering a positive artistic environment for all families. She strives to help children be not only well-rounded artists but well-rounded human beings. For entertainment, Daryl loves dancing, swimming, cooking, theatre, and anything in the arts, and she is always more than happy to get the kids involved as well!

Childcare Experience:  Daryl is an older sister, an aunt, and a cousin, and she has naturally grown a love and passion for younger ones, helping out as a tutor, mentor, and caregiver to youth throughout her community. Whether she’s helping with homework or teaching a child how to swim, her past experience has provided her with familiarity both in the home and the classroom. But not only has she built relationships with families in her own community, Daryl has also worked with youth internationally, as well. For the past two summers, Daryl has traveled with NYC’s Dramatic Adventure Theatre using theatre as a tool of empowerment for youth at Mama’s Lynn’s Light in Africa orphanage in Tanzania, and in Romani communities in Slovakia. These various experiences have given Daryl the flexibility, aptitude, and communication skills to care for youth of many diverse backgrounds.

Personal Interests:  Traveling, Live Music, Hot Yoga, and Trying Out Unique Recipes

Personal Quote:  “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” -Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist

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