Caroline S.

Three Words that Best Describe Caroline:  Warm, Creative and Grounded

Artistry and Special Skills:  Acting, Singing, Playing Ukulele, Knitting and Baking

Caroline grew up in rural Texas where she developed a big imagination and a hunger to learn. She moved to NYC as an undeclared major at NYU until her sophomore year when she got up the nerve to be an actor. She graduated from NYU/Tisch and continued to live and work in the city until three years ago when she moved to San Diego to receive her MFA in Acting from UCSD’s Graduate Theatre Program. Since returning to NYC, she has been finding ways to continue teaching theatre (something she found a passion for in graduate school) and to find her way forward as a working artist. She is so happy to be back in New York with the people, places and things she loves so much.

Childcare Experience:  Caroline has been working with children her whole life. She has been a camp counselor, an after-school reading program volunteer, a Big Sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and a babysitter. She has experience with children as young as 10 months and as old as 12 years, and has sat for siblings, twins and groups of up to 3. Her favorite babysitter was always her older sister, and she similarly hopes to be a person that children can look up to, depend on and use as a source of learning and creativity. She also likes to laugh and be silly.

Personal Interests:  Caroline loves acting, which makes her a huge fan of movies and plays. She also enjoys reading, baking, trying new foods, doing yoga and being outdoors. 

Personal Quote:  “When I was little, my favorite form of play was something I called “dreaming”, which basically involved me imagining huge expansive stories and voicing the characters out loud while I walked around the room. As silly as this sounds, I think of that inner life as being one of the most important things I have developed, and I love being able to provide or encourage that in the children with whom I work. I hope to give them the same chance to think creatively and differently that they give me when we’re together, and I hope to learn and have a lot of fun along the way.”

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