Brantley B.


Three  Words that Describe Brantley:  Adventurous, Hospitable, Creative

Artistry and Special Skills:  Actor & performer

Brantley is from Greenville, SC. He has lived in New York City now for 6 years pursuing a career in acting. He attended The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, and also studies with Terry Schreiber at The T. Schreiber Studio.

Childcare Experience:  Growing up, Brantley would baby-sit in middle/high school for his neighbors. At that time he baby-sat two boys, one 5 and one 8. Activities consisted of playing basketball, soccer, video games, watching movies, arts and crafts, and light cooking. These experiences came in handy when his stepmother gave birth to his younger brother,Walker. Throughout his high school career, he always helped out and baby-sat his little brother. Years passed, and another addition entered the Brice family when his baby sister, Abigail was born. He is the baby-sitter whenever he goes home to see his family. Brantley has always been around younger children (ages 4-12) even in New York City. In his spare time, he helps out a friend on the Upper East Side hosting children’s birthday parties for all ages at an arts and crafts store. Party crafts include coloring, painting, and sculpting.

Personal Interests:  Because I have a younger sister and brother as well as having many interests of my own, I find it easy to adapt to any childs environment and activity. I love playing sports with children, be it basketball or soccer as well as sitting down and getting creative, making something out of nothing. My sister has also told me that I throw the best tea parties ever.

Personal Quote:  I have been very blessed and fortunate to have much younger siblings because it has helped me develop the essential skills that are necessary to have when taking care of others. I have an extremely high tolerance and level of patience for children and treat every child that I interact with like they are one of my own.

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