Anna C.

Three Words that Best Describe Anna:  Playful, Conscientious , Grounded

Artistry and Special Skills:  Acting, Singing, Playing Guitar

Anna originally hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and has recently moved back to New York after attending Fordham University Lincoln Center where she received her BA in Theatre. She graduated in May with an MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama. Since moving back Anna also she participates in an after school program in Hell’s Kitchen, called The 52nd Street Project, where she helps teach children to write plays. Anna is excited to start the next chapter of life in the city she loves so much.

Childcare Experience:  Anna has worked with children, both babysitting and with community programs, since she was a teenager. She has babysat children as young as age two and as old as age 12 in groups up to 3 children. Both of Anna’s parents worked long hours when Anna was a child and as a result Anna spent many after school days with an incredible babysitter, someone who is now a life long family friend. From this Anna grew to understand how important a good babysitter is in helping households run seamlessly on a weekly basis. Anna aims to be like the babysitter that influenced her so positively in her life by bringing creativity to both homework time and playtime. Anna loves working with children because of their boundless imaginations. She loves to laugh and play games.

Personal Interests:  Anna is an actor by trade but also enjoys playing guitar, writing her own music, and baking. When Anna is not acting she does bikram yoga, is a teaching assistant in acting classes, and volunteering at the 52nd Street Project.

Personal Quote:  “I love working with children, because of their huge sense of play. Children instinctively bring fun into everything they do. Working with children often reminds me to find my own fun. In playing games and using our imaginations, even during homework time, children reveal to me the magic of storytelling. They help me rediscover what drew me to acting in the first place.”

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