Alex-VPAlexandria VP

Three Words that Best Describe Alexandria: Enthusiastic, Nurturing, Patient

Artistry and Special Skills: Singer, dancer, actress, dog lover

Alexandria was born and raised in Avon, Indiana. She graduated from Ball State University with a BFA in Musical Theater.

Childcare Experience: Alexandria’s first childcare experience was in her own home, as her mother used to run a babysitting business out of their house when she was growing up. She was able to learn, first hand, what it takes to care for babies and children. From then on Alexandria’s experience with childcare grew exponentially. She began babysitting for many families around her town as well as teaching dance at various schools. Alexandria believes that the arts are very important to the growth of any child as it encourages them to express themselves in ways they may not get from a normal daycare or school. Whether it be playing kitchen, or school, to belting out our favorite Disney tunes, to painting a lovely picture for mom or dad, she believes in the arts as a form of education that will only better a child’s learning.

Alexandria’s experience in the classroom as a substitute teacher as well as directing youth productions has taught her that structure is important and guidelines are necessary in order to gain the trust of both parents and children.

Personal Interests: Alexandria is a lover of anything Disney, all dogs, and is a professional “pretender.” While she loves to be active dancing and singing, she also loves laying in the sun (particularly at a beach) and enjoying the company of friends. Being a part of a family of performers, she has developed an outgoing personality and is friendly and fun-loving. Alexandria also loves making people laugh, Twizzlers, glitter, Mickey Mouse, coloring, and mis-matched socks.

Personal quote: “I’ve been doing theater from the age of six. I know I would not be nearly as well-rounded as I am today had it not been for my family being so willing to submerge me into the arts in any way they could. I love being able to share my passion for theater with children and letting them get a taste of how fun my career choice is! I love interacting with children and being silly because it gives them a feeling of a safe space where they are allowed and encouraged to discover new things.”

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