Aleda-BAleda B.

Three Words that Best Describe Aleda:  Calm, Engaged, Compassionate

Artistry and Special Skills:  Actor, Writer, Yogi

Aleda grew up on a farm in the hills of Vermont, making fairy houses in the woods and organizing extravagantly costumed shows in the garden. Her artist/writer parents fostered in her a deep sense of worth in her creative curiosity and by the age of eleven she had caught the acting bug. Her desire to pursue a theatrical career took her over the pond to Wales, were she recently received her undergraduate degree from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Childcare experience:  Aleda has many years of experience working with children in a creative setting. As a theater teacher she has written and directed many shows at the New England Youth Theater, and finds it tremendously rewarding to develop young artistic voices in the space that sparked her own theatrical ardor.  As an at-home care-giver she creates an active, nurturing environment for families who want a creative childcare experience. She loves reading aloud, dress-up games and exploring outside.

Personal Interests:  Aleda is passionate about good food, holistic health and learning to take deep care of our minds and bodies. She is a runner, yoga practitioner, and avid reader. On a sunny day she can be found exploring the Brooklyn Botanical Garden; on a rainy day she’s hunting down New York’s ideal destination-reading nook.

Personal quote:  “As an actor I am always honing my ability to be in the moment, inquisitive, playful and inventive; in my work with children I am constantly amazed by their innate possession of these qualities. I believe that it is incredibly important to cultivate a child’s open curiosity as early as possible and to let them know that their own creative voice, whether in telling a story, making a painting or singing, is powerful and precious. I always take so much joy from being an active part of that cultivation and it reminds me of why I want to make art myself.”

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