Bedtime Habits for Tweens and Teens

As we enter a new school year, talk to your tween or teen about how much sleep he is getting. Nearly 70% of high school students don’t get the sleep they need! Getting enough sleep can lead to higher grades, improved mood and health.

Try enforcing these little changes and encouraging these new habits in order for your child to get a better night’s sleep!

1) Put a ban on doing homework in bed.

2) Charge your child’s cell phone in a central location – NOT in her bedroom. That way, she can’t be easily distracted to check her phone while in bed.

3) An hour before bedtime, make sure all electronics are shut down and overhead lights are dimmed.

4) If she can’t sleep, suggest she listen to music or an audiobook for 15-30 min with the lights off.

5) Consider getting your child a noise machine – a soothing, consistent sound can lull anybody to sleep!

For more ideas, check out the book, Snooze . . .or Lose! 10 “No War” Ways to Improve Your Teen’s Sleep Habits by Helene Emsellem, M.D.

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